The First Year



Capturing The First Year

Capturing The First Year is a FREE collection of thoughts and imagery during the first year of our sweet baby boy’s life. (Our third boy!) What started out as a monthly commitment to document Mattheus’ first year of growth, gradually became an everyday event, narrating an ongoing story. Part journal, part resource, it will provide you with inspiration to photograph your own baby throughout the year in the comfort of your own home.


This project will guide you through:

  • The best gear on a budget
  • Set-up
  • Monthly milestones
  • Everyday moments
  • Use of props and outfits
  • Using natural light
  • An introduction to editing

But, there’s more…

I hesitate in being so personal and sharing part of my story, you are after all here to learn how to take better pictures. Yet, without a touch of the personal I believe that you will lack essential components to successful photography.

Passion. Intent. Journey


Capturing The First Year has undoubtedly and quite unexpectedly, changed the way I photograph. It’s been a game changer. I’d even go as far as saying that a shift in my parenting has occurred! Parenthood is messy and loud and I can often lack the ability to see past the chaos. This project has taught me to slow down and even stop at times to just be and get down and play with my children.

Just as a writer can discover gratitude by journaling one thing they are thankful for everyday, I’ve found that intentionally choosing to see and document little moments through photography has brought a great sense of contentment.

These little moments become defining moments. A moment our heart is softened a little, or excited by our child’s discovery. What better moments to capture, cherish and to celebrate, and to capture them in the most beautiful way.

Photography is a beautiful expression of story telling. Now to tell yours!


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