You like to-may-toes and I like to-mah-toes

(A little bit about me)

Hello! My name is Cat. I’m a wife to my husband, Scott and a boy mum to Caleb, Joshua and our newest member of the family, Mattheus, pictured above with me. I originate from England (Sheffield for those who often ask about my mixed up accent!) Before relocating to Memphis, TN we spent almost six years living in Belgium, a country most known for its chocolate, waffles & beer. Having lived in four different countries, I wholeheartedly believe that photography, like art or music, is a universal language regardless of how I say tomatoes :-)

Whilst living in Belgium, I set up a successful portrait photography business working largely within a studio setting. As rewarding as it was to have such incredible clients, I couldn’t help but feel a disconnect from photography, something I’d aspired to for so long. Thankfully, our return to the States has provided opportunity to rediscover photography.

I am becoming an everyday photographer.

A mama photographer. 

Fueled by a desire to document my everyday moments. I’m finding beauty within the mundane which is slowly changing the way I photograph, adding a richer and more authentic feel to my work. And, contrary to my studio background, I’m an avid natural light photographer, often running to grab my camera when I see beautiful light illuminating a beautiful subject.

My goal is to inspire and guide you in a fun and friendly yet concise and practical way to take the photos that only you have the opportunity to capture.

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