Overcoming Insecurity; Thinking of Starting a Photography Business


I sat down at my computer today intending to work on a side project and I found myself compelled to put it aside and write this. Just maybe it’s what you need to hear today – I do!

Insecurity. Insecurity is a dream killer, it has us keeping things manageable for the fear of disappointment or failure.

Do you have ‘Plan B’? I have certainly have had several of them and then I had a realization one day that Plan B was actually my reality as I was too afraid of committing to my dream of running my own business.

Following many conversations with others, it became clear that insecurity squelches potential. We end up settling, we play small. But, what if we stopped for a moment and considered what could happen if we were able to push through insecurity and make those dreams of running a business the reality?


Pushing through. What do you need to push through? I believe it requires both a mental and practical shift. Is it putting mentors and peers around you to dialogue with? Is it reading material that will inspire growth and change? Is it learning how to respond to failure?

Let me equate this to the running world since I find many life lessons from this hobby! When I think about ‘pushing through’ in a race, it conjures up two completely different feelings. Firstly, I feel fear. I’m afraid of the discomfort that maintaining a certain pace creates, as well as the fear of me not running the time that I believe I could run. Second, I feel excitement. There is anticipation that if I can lean into the discomfort, I could surprise myself and succeed my goal. (I’m sure you can find parallels in your own lives!)

So perhaps there will be seasons of discomfort involved in pushing through insecurity.

The majority of conversations I’ve shared with those specifically wanting to pursue a photography business shared this in common. “I do not believe I am ready or good enough and I’m afraid to make it my full time job so I’ll do the photography thing on the side, or just for friends.” Sound familiar?!

I’ve had a couple of thoughts in response to this. It’s good to remember that every single photographer (or business owner) has started at the beginning. There are skills involved that everyone has to learn from learning how to use a camera, to business and marketing, organization to people skills. You have the same opportunity to make it as those you aspire to. The other realization I had a few years ago while I was working several different jobs as well as full time mom was that I was being so stretched thin, I wasn’t able to make much progress across the board. It was only when I made the decision to really focus on one thing that I saw much more progress and opportunities arise. My confidence grew and I could look back at work from a year previous and see a distinct change.


A couple of questions for you;

What is driving you towards your dream business?

What is holding you back from your dream business?

I would not suggest simply quitting a full time job without first setting very specific goals or doing research and putting a plan in motion. But, if this is something you REALLY want, I believe you can push through these insecurities that are holding you back from letting go of Plan B. Sometimes, it just begins with someone coming along side of you and telling you…YOU CAN DO THIS!



Want to read more on this subject? I highly recommend reading Daring greatly by Brené Brown.

My own career path has changed over the past year, and today I run my own Young Living business, very different from a photography business but in these career changes I’ve been able to recognize a core desire in myself; a desire to educate and help others, to mentor and empower other women to believe they really can make dreams reality. I’ve found enjoyment in working with a team that is equally passionate about it. The funny thing is that many of those on my team are photographers, so we are very like minded! (I’m alway looking for others to work on my team, just saying!)

If you’re looking for online community, come and find me either on @clickmamaclick or @sageorigins and let’s get you further along in your own business!



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