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You may remember a while back I posted an article based on sensory therapy for our kids. I took a bit of a step back from my photo work to give more attention to our home life as we worked on short term and some long term goals.

This time was well spent and we have continued to implement certain routines as well as…wait for it….(((drumroll please)))…include the use of essential oils in our lives.  After researching the connection between essential oils and our sensory needs we enthusiastically jumped on board!

However, my first thought was, ‘aren’t essential oils a little weird?!’ and honestly I never even knew this essential oil thing was a ‘thing’ until recently but it seemed every one and their dog had been using them for years without my knowledge! Why hadn’t anyone ever shared this with me?!

How do you even use them? I wasn’t sure I wanted to be faffing around with bottles and diffusers, it seemed foreign to me. But that was just the thing; it was foreign, different, new. The thing that continued to compel me to try out this new approach was the science behind it all. I like my science, I trust science. And now,  I trust what we’re seeing.

It has now grown to be much more than just for sensory support. It has become a lifestyle of wellness. Our family needed it and I didn’t even realize! The tools I’m using to support our family’s wellness are simple, practical and have carried us through this season with zero trips to the doctor. THIS IS HUGE!

Of course there is more to this story than just diffusing nice smelling oils :-) It is a journey towards a cleaner life, making changes gradually that are sustainable and affordable for us as a family;  this has included significantly reducing the toxins and chemicals in our home that can contribute towards many of our complaints. These changes have brought about such a passion in me for living our best life and wishing we’d discovered it so much sooner!

text class promo (add date)

I thought I’d put together a simple text class for the mamas out there wondering about how to safely use essential oils on their littles. As I mentioned earlier, it’s different and new and yet I feel like these tips helped us get into the swing of things far easier.

This five day text class is completely FREE, with the purpose of sharing some practical information with those interested in learning more about essential oils for kids. You can choose whether you receive the texts via phone or email, just send me a simple email to confirm with your preference and your place.

The class will run 4/8 – 4/12 and it is open to those living in the US or outside the US. Hope to hear from you!

Also, if you wish to follow along this journey in more detail, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook. This is a different feed to the one linked up to Click Mama Click. You can find me under @sageorigins






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