5 Ways The Faceless Portrait Can Nurture A Deeper Connection With Your Child


We often think of a portrait as focusing in on the face, the eyes in particular. Yet, as an artistic representation of a person, a portrait can be much more.

What I didn’t realize until recently was the surprising connection to my children that intentionally capturing a faceless portrait could stir in me, particularly in the early years.


Becoming a mother will turn your world upside-down for sure, but in the midst of sleepless nights and new insecurities one thing becomes clear; we never knew how much love we were capable of. By zoning in on details such as the delicate crown of the head held perfectly by our hands, it produces both a sense of joy and fear in the miracle and fragility of life.

faceless portraits-1-2.jpg



Capturing your child’s milestones is a beautiful way of storytelling, but more than that, it can increase your awareness of their incredible development. Recording both the process of how events unfold and the accomplishment of milestones helps us to recognize and celebrate these moments.

faceless portraits-5



What is your natural instinct as a parent when you see your baby’s chubby hands or feet? You want to hold them, feel the softness of their skin, let them know you’re near. Just like a certain scent or smell can take you back to a time in your life, a picture of something that you cherish can evoke beautiful memories of that feeling when their fingers wrapped around your own.

faceless portraits-1.jpg



By isolating these little details that characterize our little ones we are essentially memory-making. We want to find ways to look back and remember what they were like, documenting who they are and their beginnings.

faceless portraits-2



By far the greatest thing that I have come to recognize through excluding the face is that I’m more intentional in noticing other details, which in turn has increased my gratitude for my little ones!  I’m moving into a place of pure gratefulness that I am able to parent these boys and not take it as a given.

faceless portraits-4.jpg

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faceless portrait



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