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Finding Shade In The Summer For Your Best Portraits!


For most of us, summertime means spending more time out in the sun! Gloriously warm beach days, quintessential summer treats and backyard fun. Plenty of opportunities to capture your family on camera, right? Well, kind of…. 

summer portraits-2.jpgISO 200  f/2.0  1/160th sec

In my recent post, Summer Photography Challenge, I put together some checklists and prompts to keep you photographing over these summer months. But the reality is that taking pictures in the summer, often means shooting in full sun which can be tricky, often resulting in overexposed images, harsh shadows and kids with squinty eyes. Bottom line, you’re left disappointed and likely discouraged.

What’s the solution? Find shade! More precisely, find open shade.

summer portraits-1.jpgISO 400  f/2.0  1/160th sec

What exactly is open shade?

Open shade can be anywhere a large shadow is cast yet still provides plenty of light to illuminate the subject. For example, a large building, under a tree, indoors in front of an open door, inside a garage (with the door open) and in this instance; a screened in porch.

Also important to note; (I’m gonna let you in to a little secret!) Many great portraits don’t require a breath-taking background! It’s easy to disregard a location believing that it’s not photo-worthy but if you’re using a portrait-friendly lens with a low f-stop number then the background should be blurred and unnoticeable in any case. Just remember to have your child at a distance from the background.



summer portraits-3.jpgISO 200  f/2.0  1/160th sec

Walk around your child to shoot from a few different angles and you’ll notice how the light illuminates their skin or creates a soft rim more so on one side.

summer portraits-4.jpgISO 400  f/2.0  1/160th sec

Learning to locate these spots of open shade can provide you with a beautiful, evenly lit area which can make for the most perfect portraits of your kids! Sparkly eyes, creamy skin and not a hint of the squint! Try black and white conversions, too!

summer portraits-5.jpgISO 200  f/2.0  1/160th sec

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