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Summer Photography Challenge!


Are you ready for the SUMMER? Whether you have an action packed summer planned with the family or a quieter, relaxing break around the home, make sure you have your camera close at hand to capture moments that you will come back to over the years!

summer photography challenge-7

I’ve put together a couple of photo checklists for you to use at your own pace as prompts. And remember they are just that, prompts.

summer photography challenge-16

One thing I have learned over the past couple of years is that my photography skills have significantly improved when I’ve picked up my camera everyday. In order to do this however and not feel overwhelmed, I need a focus. You could even use your iphone if you don’t have access to a camera!

summer photography challenge-4

A few quick tips:

  • Get creative!
  • Get used to photographing infront of other people.
  • Take a few shots then put the camera away to enjoy family time.
  • Faithfully edit between 1 to 4 shots every day (choosing a couple of your favorites from each prompt.)

summer photography challenge-10

summer photography challenge-9summer-checklist-with-kids

summer photography challenge-8.jpg

summer photography challenge-17.jpg


And now for the mamas! Create your own summer photography project :-)



These checklists are available to download here

(Summer Photography Checklist with kids)

(Summer Photography Checklist for mama)

summer photography challenge-6Have you joined me on Instagram yet? You can also become a Click Mama Click subscriber to receive updates and tips to help you take better photos of your kids.


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