Capturing The First Year

Capturing The First Year {One Year}


I believe that I will have you questioning how this post relates to photographing a one year old even before you reach the end of the first paragraph! ‘The grand finale of Capturing The First Year and she gives us this?!’ If you would indulge me a little and read on, your photography may just be changed forever!

Capturing The First Year {Fuel Your Passion To Photograph} Think of this as an alternative title to the article. It’s a theme that has been stirring within me this past year and as we close the chapter on this first year – with slight sadness and nostalgia, I hope will propel you to photograph your child through the toddler years and beyond or perhaps even take that step and turn your dreams of aspiring photographer into reality.

photographing a one year old-5


I always liked the idea of being a photographer; a portrait photographer to be more precise. I liked the idea of owning my own studio and creating a small business, creating an environment for families to feel welcome and valued.

This is just what I did for a while. My heart was in the right place and I can look back at many of my portrait sessions and immediately remember the connection I felt with each of my clients, it was real. Though I was a little young in my trade, I always appreciated how much the families entrusted me to capture their pictures.

photographing a one year old-6

I humbly grew in my artistic abilities, (I say ‘humbly’ as many times I learned the hard way. Ouch!) However, even though the business was growing, something was missing.  Something big. I just didn’t know what! As well as lacking something, I look back and see many layers that surpressed me being able to pinpoint this hole. These layers came in the form of artistic restriction (feeling confined in a studio), creative block, financial pressures, comparison, exhaustion from juggling home life with young children and a career. Who can relate?!

Such things can suck the joy out of artistic expression and they will undoubtedly rear their head throughout our lives. Take financial pressure; this can momentarily fuel our motivation to push through and succeed, but eventually it won’t be enough and will most likely lead to burnout.

I promise it gets better. After it gets worse!

I sold everything except for my camera and one lens. Two years went by before I even took my camera out of the bag! Then something happened. One day I just felt the urge to do something artistic. I took my camera for a spin (Though I insisted I would only take pictures of architecture and landscape!) I felt rusty and I wasn’t used to shooting in natural light following my studio days, but I kept going.

photographing a one year old-1.jpg

photographing a one year old-3.jpg


Fast forward two more years and another baby later and something shifted. I was being fueled by a desire to document my everyday moments, finding beauty within the mundane.  When mindfulness of the everyday and photography meet, the everyday photographer can emerge! This has changed the way I photograph. You can read more on this here if you missed the intro to Capturing The First Year.

photographing a one year old-2.jpg

photographing a one year old-7


I had contemplated several themes for this final post; ‘how to set up a cake smash’, ‘photographing baby’s first birthday party’, to name a couple. But, with the above in mind, I kept going back to the idea that the memories I want to preserve are neither glamorous nor highly thought out set-ups. They are simple and they are beautiful.

photographing a one year old-17


I want to remember how sweet it is that Mattheus wants to read On the Night You Were Born ten times in a row…



I want to remember the way he gazes out of the window when we change him…


How he can locate his nose, tummy, head and toes!

photographing a one year old-9

Don’t get me wrong, birthday parties and cake smashes are fun (albeit ever so slightly stressful!) but my favorite moments continue to be the simple and consistent ones.

photographing a one year old-4


I’m so thankful that you stopped by! If you’re interested in starting your own project but don’t know where to begin, reach out and let’s plan together!

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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for pointing this out – I asked a couple of others to look at this for me to see if it was something to be corrected on my side, but they didn’t seem to have a problem. I hope that you have fun photographing your grandson!

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