Capturing The First Year

Capturing The First Year {seven months}


As a mother, it’s important for me to be able to capture emotive detail and moments on camera. As an artist, it’s essential I integrate the creative use of light, composition and the surrounding environment. But, until recently, I’m not sure I have ever been as aware of these two elements being as deeply intertwined as I am today. One devoid of the other would only bring half of the beauty. 

Capturing The First Year has led me on a surprising artistic journey as I’ve come to highly value the beauty and simplicity of everyday events.  I’m confident that combining them with the charismatic use of natural light or the clever use of line and composition will facilitate your artistic development.

(*These photos were taken using a prime lens, however if you don’t own a prime lens you may find Shooting in Manual a good place to start.)


As you go about your day, make it a habit to observe where the light falls as well as the shadows that are cast. Using a crib for instance with light coming in from the side will cast interesting shadows. What happens if the curtains are not fully open? A narrow path of light falling across the room may be more interesting than a fully illuminated room. However, I would always refrain from using direct pools of sunlight which will create harsh and unflattering shadows.

I love the way that shooting from above such as below, or changing your own position can alter the direction of the shadows, providing a more dramatic contrast.

baby lifestyle session-20


Be intentional about your composition; try incorporating the use of negative space to bring a new element to your frames. And, if you’re not already, get familiar with the rule of thirds.

Additionally, simple editing may include leveling an image. Find your true point of reference such as a vertical window frame or the horizontal skirting boards


As intentional as you can be about the lighting, remember what I mentioned earlier; that without the sense of any emotion or connection, you are missing part of the beauty of a photograph. It is much easier to find that emotional connection if you are photographing your own child, but try to take this aspect with you if you’re photographing a client’s child. They view their children through the eyes that you view your own child. There is a bond and a deep love for them. Can you capture different facets of the infant’s personality through their expressions and interest?

baby lifestyle session-21


At seven months, sitting is a new development, as well as I am always about Mattheus’ cute rolls and dimples! {{insert heart}} It’s always good to get few shots with your baby’s full body, but don’t be afraid to isolate a few details, too, such as limbs or the chubby hands or cheeks!


If you’re just starting out and need a bit of help, get in touch! Share some photos and your personal goals :-)

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