Capturing The First Year

Capturing The First Year {Four Months}


Chances are you’re in a pretty steady routine with your four month old and apart from perhaps a sneaky sleep regression, you’re feeling a little more human again as the parent! However, as we ease into our routine, I’ve realized it becomes more of a challenge to notice the subtle developments that take place from month to month and sometimes from day to day. Setting time aside to intentionally photograph these moments has become a way I can savor these changes and I look forward to looking over the first year of our little one’s life.

Your family photographer will be able to take some great shots at four months, however seeing as they are not always on call(!), I’ve put together a few ideas of what to look for and capture as your baby reaches these milestones, all in your everyday setting.

I would highly recommend using a prime lens and please remember that babies reach different mile marks in their own time :-)


Everyday events can be special. Think of moments that both you and your baby look forward to. Our little Mattheus loves bath time, not just the time spent in the water but getting ready for tub time as well as after his bath is just as enjoyable. Our bathroom isn’t anything special, or big for that matter, but the time in that room is happy! Though there is something wonderful about a crisp, clean studio setting, it’s also important to record the memories that are made in these rooms.

If you’re shooting in a small space, consider taking a few shots from outside of the room and get more into the frame.

photograph ideas for four months-1.jpg

photograph ideas for four months-2.jpg


Notice how much higher your baby is able to draw his knees up and purposefully play with his feet. And those rolls ;-)

photograph ideas for four months-7


Around this time they can lift their head for longer periods with greater control, extending arms and legs.

photograph ideas for four months-22.jpg4) HANDS TO KNEES OR FEET

We haven’t quite reached our feet, but holding his knees is his newest trick!

photograph ideas for four months-5.jpg


You’ll have noticed that most everything they can get hold of at the moment ends up being pulled in decidedly toward the mouth! Try to focus in on the defined grasp.

photograph ideas for four months-6.jpg


Your baby will find playing with his hands and feet highly entertaining! It’s also fascinating to observe him watching his own hand movement, clasping his palms together and interlocking fingers.

Find more on using backlight to highlight hands and feet here.


If you are feeling creative at this point and want to do something a little different with your camera, it’s a great time to try something new. The Clickin Moms Blog has a huge resource library of creative tips. Certainty not perfected, but I gave freelensing a go after being inspired by one of there tutorials.

photograph ideas for four months-19photograph ideas for four months-20

I hope this post has given you the inspiration you need to enjoy photographing the first year. If you think it will inspire others, share it! If you missed it and are looking for tips on how to photograph your three month old, click here. And, if you haven’t already, come and connect with me on Instagram!

Promise I’ll take this one down before he turns eighteen, but I can’t resist those dimples!

photograph ideas for four months-23.jpg



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