Late Fall Inspired Family Session

Meet David, Julie, Piper and Mochi!


Though I’ve taken a step back from my portrait business, I do enjoy the occasional session for fun and to keep practicing! So, for this chilly impromptu fall session we opted for somewhere local and low-key, a little off the beaten track. Don’t be deceived, it really was cold! Little Piper was such a champion, you’d never know that she was feeling under the weather, as well as the beautiful close-ups of her were taken at the end of the session when our noses were about to drop off, it was so cold!

Typically we think of warm autumnal tones for Fall sessions, but as it was a little later in the season most of the foliage had already fallen, leaving an earthy, neutral background. Coincidently, the choice of outfit and navy blue hues from the ensemble couldn’t have been more perfect with the little pop from the scarf! And who else wants a pair of those striped tights?  :-)

…Now for a warm cup of cocoa with my feet by the fire. (I don’t have a working fireplace, but it sounds good right about now!)



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