Capturing The First Year

Capturing The First Year {Newborn}


I was crazily excited to photograph my own sleeping newborn! Though I loved each and every newborn session I was able to do with the families I worked with during the time of my business,  there was something about it being my own that would take the pressure off a little! I’d have endless time and no interruptions, if I missed a moment I could just go ahead and redo it the next day, right?! All of my previous newborn sessions had taken place in the studio where the variation of lighting and change in focal points was limited. This left me longing to use natural light, making the most of my prime lens.

It turns out that little Mattheus didn’t read the manual on ‘Newborn Photography‘ and out of all the hours he sleeps, infront of the camera is not one of them :-) More cuddle time for me! Infact it has become quite the joke around our house; nothing and I mean nothing will wake him at times…though as soon as set him down or set up to photograph him he’ll promptly wake!

So needless to say, this post is short and the photos were regrettably small in number and  not what I had envisioned, but no regrets with the time I was able to spend with him!

Over the next twelve months I hope to document his personality and growth and hope that you’ll continue to join me in this personal project, Capturing The First Year!

Come and join me over on Instagram to see a few more pics and inspiration along the way!







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