Styling Cinnamon & Spice

It is officially Autumn on the calendar! Though here in Memphis, while the summer temperatures continue, the last thing I want to do is drink a steaming hot pumpkin spice latte! I’m anticipating all the things that this season brings and this blog post is no exception, even in creating this post my entire house is filled with the amazing aroma of cinnamon and other spices!

I’m continuing to combine my love of food with photography, but in contrast to some food photography I did a couple of months ago I wanted to style some darker, moodier images as well as practicing using a new Hoya lens filter my sister recently gave to me.

Hopefully this post will inspire both the food lovers and the creatives. For those more photography inclined I will post more details on this lens filter in a follow up post.

I had so much fun styling these cinnamon sticks and pouring out the spice! And, I particularly love these earthy, autumnal tones. These were all taken using natural light but in a darker corner to block off some of the light. Luckily my lens can handle low light situations really well due to the large aperture. This was very different than going for the bright, fresh look. I also really like the grain that appears when using a slightly higher ISO, though believe it or not the ISO was only set to 400 in this session.

It appears as though I was quite unaware that ‘pumpkin pie spice’ actually existed as a pre-mixed spice! Perhaps it’s due to being British, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving and therefor I did not grow up eating pumpkin pie every year! To this day I still have never purchased it as I continue to mix my own spices, just google DIY pumpkin pie spice! (though I do not go as far as to use a pestle and mortar!)

As time and budget do not typically allow for a complete organic and whole diet, I do still attempt to eat as clean as I can, learning a few tricks here and there. Rather than pie to satisfy my sweet tooth, I prefer muffins, breads and cookies and my go-to recipe for pumpkin muffins (or as a base for banana muffins) is from The Minimalist Baker, though I am neither vegan nor gluten intolerant so I do not use gluten free flours.  I also like that it combines almond meal (only half a cup needed so it’s really not bad for the budget either!) I feel this ups the nutrient content rather than wheat flour alone. As a runner I find it important to include a little more protein especially as I don’t eat very much meat. As well as the skin boosting benefits of eating almonds there are also many disease-fighting antioxidants packed into spices…that is real spices, not ‘pumpkin spice flavored’ eats and drinks, not that I want to ruin your next pumpkin spice latte fix :-)

Got any clean go-to seasonal desserts? Share in the comments!

See here for the the set up and more in depth details on using a prime lens and the additional lens filter.


3 thoughts on “Styling Cinnamon & Spice”

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte M&Ms are antioxidant-packed and runner friendly, right?! This post has me yearning for cooler temperatures and outdoor fires!

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