How To Enjoy Photographing Active Children Part 2




If you missed part 1, you can catch up here!

Personality wise, our boys are quite different. (The word ‘different’ is a bit of an understatement!) Even though they are both very active, getting portraits of my firstborn has always been more challenging, mainly due to his ability to stay still for more than a second! I never really assumed this characteristic came from me…I was the quaint, sweet natured English girl who liked to have tea parties!! However I’m recently reminded that my own dad has referred to me on more than one occasion as a ‘little Mexican jumping bean’and I’ll admit myself that I know I am slightly fidgety!

So, here I am with Mr Wiggles. Another chance to let go of perfection and just enjoy a moment! Let me say for the record just how much love I have for this boy of mine. He is a beautiful being, confident, full of life and energy and sensitivity. But. That funny word! But. Why can’t he just sit still and quiet for one minute???? :-)

Directing him to ‘sit on this rock’ and ‘look at that boat’ has never really worked with him. He’ll spot a distraction tactic from a mile off…why do we do this as parents?! And looking for shells like his brother had been content to do the previous day didn’t cut it either!

Instead, for mini session #2, after a few failed attempts of ‘tactics’, I simply gave in to play his game. We were Pokemon figures (don’t ask me any names!) and other superheroes battling it out on the beach! It turns out that being a ninja warrior at 5 months pregnant is far more demanding than running a few miles! However, in the midst of all my Spinjitzu moves, I tried to click away, occasionally glancing at the camera settings and dusting off the sand! Caleb was in his element!


Then, a sweet moment happened. ‘Mum, that was fun’.

He came and sat down next to me covering my feet in the sand. ‘Can I take your picture?’ First thing that came to mind was that I was a mess! (I wish it were that I was afraid of him dropping my camera or getting sand in the motor!) Humidity hair (infact I had even forgotten to pack a hairbrush in my suitcase for the week!), no makeup whatsoever, sweaty from a superhero contest and looking a bit bigger than normal at 5 months pregnant. Then I realize, even if he does get me in a few shots, no one has to see them and they won’t be in focus, so why not?!

It was the cutest thing, he directed me to ‘walk over to the grass’, ‘stop’, ‘turn around and look at me’ and finally ‘now run as fast as you can and do a Spinjitzu’…. He was a little upset that I didn’t try my best at this point!

(These last photos are safely in digital photo heaven.)

We walked/ran back and I asked him if he’d like to be a photographer one day as he was very good at it. But he is remaining loyal to his dream; a Super Policeman.

Respecting him and recognizing his ‘inability’ to do as I would have liked to get those ideal shots was far more important. It certainly didn’t go the way I’d thought, even though I’d prepared and pre-planned. I simply had to go with the flow for this one and let go of any expectations I’d had.

I truly enjoyed this moment.





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